Managed VPS

Managed VPS overview

Virtual private server hosting or managed VPS hosting refers to the hosting of your server in a virtualized environment on a high powered hardware infrastructure. Managed Linux VPS hosting is a cost effective alternate option to dedicated server hosting. Virtual private hosting from Simplex Infotech is an ideal bridge between shared hosting and dedicated servers and is recommended for applications which require more than a shared environment but below than a dedicated server.

Benefits of VPS hosting

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Scalable with highest up-time

The packages can be upgraded/downgraded anytime giving enough flexibility to manage resources and costs with increasing/decreasing needs. All your files, settings and databases remain intact.

 Managed linux shared hosting

Optimum performance with dedicated resources

Every VPS node has dedicated memory, disk space and CPU power. The entire server thus can't be bogged down by one user.

Virtual private servers

Select control panel of your choice

We provide you the choice among cPanel, DirectAdmin and Plesk, all for free with every package.

	managed linux vps hosting

Customized with enterprise-grade hardware support

All our VPS servers are customized and build with the best available components to ensure maximum reliability and performance.

cPanel-WHM VPS Hosting

Quick turn around

For any assistance at any time of the day, we are always there for you with fast and reliable support.

Why managed VPS?

Committed CPU resources, RAM and storage space.

Fast deployment.

Best for high traffic websites or resource intensive applications.

Full root access.

Easy software installation and ease of configuring the server remotely.

Dedicated IP addresses minimizing the chances of getting blacklisted due to abuse by other domains on the server.

Quality hardware and underlying technology used for virtualization.

Various plans to suit your budget & needs.

Managed VPS Hosting Packages

S-Launcher S-Basic S-Value S-Utility S-Growth S-Advanced S-Ultimate
RAM 768 MB 2 GB 2.75 GB 3.5 GB 4.5 GB 6 GB 7.5 GB
RAID-10 Disk Space 25 GB 70 GB 80 GB 100 GB 120 GB 150 GB 175 GB
8+CPU 1x Priority 2x Priority 2x Priority 4x Priority 4x Priority 8x Priority 8x Priority
Premium Bandwidth 3000 GB 6000 GB 8000 GB 10000 GB 12000 GB 14000 GB 16000 GB
Fully Managed*

Managed VPS features

We offer above the line VPS packages for every type of business, along with the industry leading virtualization solution. Virtuozzo lets you to have root access with various isolated VPSs (Virtual Private Servers) on one physical server. Hence other domains on the server CANNOT affect your performance.

You can restart, troubleshoot or backup your VPS without Simplex Infotech support as our VPS comes with an end user powerpanel. You can avail unlimited domains and all available add-ons for your powerpanel. One of the best things about our VPS hosting is that when your web traffic goes high, you can easily upgrade your resources without affecting files, databases and scripts.

Isolated, secure environment

Virtuozzo helps your VPS to stay isolated & secure on a single physical server enabling better server performance. VPS lets you to better utilize & ensure guaranteed resources so to prevent applications from conflicting. VPSs can be rebooted independently because each VPS performs and executes exactly like a stand-alone server.

For server consolidation, disaster recovery & data backups, Virtuozzo is the right solution to make the most efficient use of hardware, software and management resources.

Virtuozzo power panel features

A robust web-based recovery and administration tool well developed for use by VPS owners. Various critical management tasks can be performed with VZPP:

01. VPSstart/stop/reboot

It is easy to start, stop, fast stop and restart the VPS.

02. VPSservicesmanagement

You can stop an offending task or restart a service.

03. VPSresourcemonitoring

Monitoring of VPS resource usage for CPU, system, disk space and disk inodes.

04. VPSbackup/restore

All system & user files can be used to back up and restore the VPS.

05. VPSrepair

When VPS crashes, you can run VPS in repair mode.

06. VPSre-install

Reinstall the VPS from scratch, either saving or discarding existing files.

06. VPSactionLog

Different VPS events and shortage alerts can be viewed from VPS action Log.

Managed VPS add-ons/upgrades

We bring you several add on options for your virtual private servers to choose from. YourSmarHost is well aware of your business requirements, hence we are offering various add-on options to further enhance your hosting options when you need.

Diskspace, Bandwidth and IP Addresses

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Memory Upgrades

Diskspace Upgrades

256 MB extra RAM: $10/month 10 GB extra diskspace: $20/month
512 MB extra RAM: $15/month 20 GB extra diskspace: $30/month
1024 MB extra RAM: $21/month 30 GB extra diskspace: $40/month
Plesk VPS hosting

Bandwidth Upgrades

IP Addresses

250 GB extra bandwidth: $15/month Extra IP: + $2 per IP/month (upto 40 IP)
500 GB extra bandwidth: $20/month
1000 GB extra bandwidth: $40/month

Control Panels

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DirectAdmin License Parallels Plesk License
DirectAdmin: free Plesk: free
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cPanel-WHM: free

Control Panel Add-ons

Virtual private servers managed linux vps hosting


Plesk Power Pack (Plesk only!)

License $2 /month License $4 /month
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RVskin (cPanel only!)

cPanel Fantastico (cPanel only!)

License $2 /month License $4 /month
cPanel-WHM VPS Hosting

cPanel RVSiteBuilder

License $8 /month

Web Server Add-on

Billing Panel

Managed VPS Webhosting managed shared hosting

Lite Speed Web Server


+ $15/month $8 /month