Managed SSD - VPS

Managed SSD VPS overview

Fully managed VPS hosting that is blazing fast with SSDs. We will install, configure and update your new SSD VPS. You don't need to have administrative experience as we have it. With power of isolated VPS hosting, now added is SSD storage support. Solid state drives are more robust and speedier enough to give a pleasing hosting experience. Added on, our executives are always there to serve your queries.

Blazing speed, 7 blazing features.

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Upscale only when you need

You can start with smaller disk space and enlarge it upto any size. No hassle as you won't need to re-configure your database & file settings.

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VPS with power of SSDs

Power of VPS is now fueled with Solid State Drives. As SSDs have no moving parts, latency is much lower than mechanical disk drives.

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Free control panels, choose your one

With any of our hosting package, you get free control panel. You can choose your favorite one among cPanel, Plesk & DirectAdmin.

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Cutting edge hardware support

All our SSD VPS servers are custom-built with server grade equipment that is fine tuned with processors of the most current technology.

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Rapid deployment

Rapid deployment of services. Just call, confirm, pay & get working in hours!

cPanel-WHM VPS Hosting


Full access to root & remote server configuration. Dedicated IP address for true isolation.

cPanel-WHM VPS Hosting

Customer care, 24x7

Best effort support for scripting and technical errors. Any time, any issue, our executives are there at your fingertips. 24x7 support through email.

So what are you waiting for? It's time to speed-up!

Contact us through chat or email us at for registering your hassle free fully managed SSD VPS hosting package.

Managed SSD VPS hosting packages

VS-Launcher VS-Basic VS-Utility S-Advanced S-Ultimate
RAM 1.25 GB 2.25 GB 3.75 GB 5.25 GB 6.50 GB
RAID-10 SSD Storage 20 GB 40 GB 60 GB 80 GB 100 GB
24 CPU Cores 1x Priority 2x Priority 4x Priority 8x Priority 8x Priority
Premium Bandwidth 3000 GB 5000 GB 8000 GB 10000 GB 12000 GB
Fully Managed*

Managed SSD VPS features

Along with powerful virtualization by Virtuozzo and all other features of VPS, managed SSD VPS hosting delivers significant advantage of robustness and speed. Apart from high level of security and independence from other sites, you can now also reap benefits of blazing fast performance due to solid state drive storages.

Features of SSD VPS include:

A robust web-based recovery and administration tool well developed for use by VPS owners. Various critical management tasks can be performed with VZPP:

01. Easy manageability with power userpanel

Virtuozzo power user panels to ease you in restarting, trouble shooting and backing up your VPS on yourself.

02. Best effort help with scripting and other errors

Our experts will help you in solving issues related to scripting and other errors. That's how we care for our customers.

03. Free backup

We provide free backup for all our client websites to assure that nothing is lost ever.

04. Free migrations

No matter which plan you are using currently, we will freely migrate you to SSD VPS. All you need to do is rest while we will be migrating your website.

05. 99.9% uptime

With sophisticated hardware and processors, we guarantee you 99.9% uptime & assure that your website will be up almost every minute so that you don't loose a single visitor.

06. Faster speed

With SSDs, everything is much faster than before.

06. Free control panel

We don't charge extras for control panels. In addition to already cost efficient packages, we offer free control panels. You can choose your one one among cPanel, Plesk & DirectAdmin.

07. Fully secure

We do the necessary server hardening and put in adequate firewall configuration to make your server fully secure.

08. 24/7/365 customer support

Customer satisfaction is our top priority & ultimate goal. Whatever service you buy, our executives will always be there to resolve your issues. Contact us if you are interested to be one of happy customers at Simplex Infotech.

Managed VPS add-ons/upgrades

We bring you several add-on options for your virtual private servers to choose from. YourSmarHost is well aware of your business requirements, hence we are offering various add-on options to further enhance your hosting options when you need.

Diskspace, Bandwidth and IP Addresses

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Memory Upgrades

Diskspace Upgrades

256 MB extra RAM: $10/month 10 GB extra diskspace: $20/month
512 MB extra RAM: $15/month 20 GB extra diskspace: $30/month
1024 MB extra RAM: $21/month 30 GB extra diskspace: $40/month
Plesk VPS hosting

Bandwidth Upgrades

IP Addresses

250 GB extra bandwidth: $15/month Extra IP: + $2 per IP/month (upto 40 IP)
500 GB extra bandwidth: $20/month
1000 GB extra bandwidth: $40/month

Control Panels

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DirectAdmin License Parallels Plesk License
DirectAdmin: free Plesk: free
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cPanel-WHM: free

Control Panel Add-ons

Virtual private servers managed linux vps hosting


Plesk Power Pack (Plesk only!)

License $2 /month License $4 /month
vps hosting plans cPanel-WHM VPS Hosting

RVskin (cPanel only!)

cPanel Fantastico (cPanel only!)

License $2 /month License $4 /month
cPanel-WHM VPS Hosting

cPanel RVSiteBuilder

License $8 /month

Web Server Add-on

Billing Panel

Managed VPS Webhosting managed shared hosting

Lite Speed Web Server


+ $15/month $8 /month