Managed Dedicated

Managed dedicated overview

Your can realy on our managed dedicated servers.

A managed dedicated hosting provides you complete isolated access and security of your operating system, applications and hardware. Managed dedicated servers decrease the risk of resource related issues, enhance storage capacity, minimize response time and maximize speed. Additionally, a dedicated server offers scalability that can hold high traffic as your business expands. Our dedicated servers are designed to deliver affordability, flexibility and security. To ensure maximum performance and reliability, Simplex Infotech uses only the highest quality server-grade components in our line of managed dedicated server. Managed dedicated hosting comes with complete management with 24/7 monitoring and security updates. Save your valuable time, money & energy on administering your dedicated servers by choosing our managed dedicated hosting.

Our managed dedicated servers are custom built, expertly crafted out of the box. You are free to customize your server environment. Our Linux based managed dedicated servers are placed at our premium Texas based datacenter, come bundled with cPanel/WHM control panel and carry 24/7/365 Smart Support

Along with powerful virtualization by Virtuozzo and all other features of VPS, managed SSD VPS hosting delivers significant advantage of robustness and speed. Apart from high level of security and independence from other sites, you can now also reap benefits of blazing fast performance due to solid state drive storages.

Benefits of managed dedicated server hosting:

Managed dedicated servers at Simplex Infotech are configured to allow heavy traffic.

All our managed dedicated servers are located at our Texas data center which prides in premium bandwidth such as Internap and Level 3.

We provide free backup for all our client websites to assure that nothing is lost ever.

Our servers come prebundled with cPanel/WHM control panel and carry 24/7/365 Smart Support.

We provide you 99.99% uptime guarantee.

Managed dedicated hosting packages

D-Launcher D-Basic D-Utility D-Advanced
CPU i7-4770 (4x3.4GHz 8MB) Xeon E3-1270v2 (4x3.5GHz Dual Xeon E5-2430v2 Dual Xeon E5-2620v3
Memory(RAM) 16GB DDR3 16GB DDR3 24GB DDR3 32GB DDR3
MAX Memory(RAM) 32GB DDR3 32GB DDR3 96GB DDR3 96GB DDR3
Bandwidth 10000 GB 15000 GB 20000 GB 25000 GB
MAX Drives Two Four Four Four
IP's 8 included 8 included 8 included 8 included
HW RAID No Optional Optional Optional
Port Speed 100 Mbps 100 Mbps 100 Mbps 100 Mbps
Control Panel cPanel + Softaculous cPanel + Softaculous cPanel + Softaculous cPanel + Softaculous
Datacenter Central (TX) Central (TX) Central (TX) Central (TX)
Fully Managed*

Managed dedicated features

Why Simplex Infotech dedicated server hosting?

Dedicated server hosting provides you highly secured isolated environment for web applications/websites having high demands in terms of resources and security aspects. Take a look at some key features below:

01. Performance

You get exceptional performance as dedicated hosting environment provides you isolated environment and does not share resources unlike shared and VPS hosting.

02. Greater reliability

You never face server downtime due to high resource usage by other sites as you are the complete owner of the server.

03. Security

Highly secured environment because nobody else has access to the server.

04. Custom configuration

Dedicated server is best known for the ease of customization as you can easily install any software or configure server as per your specific needs.

05. Custom firewall

You can run your own custom firewall to implement access control policy.

06. Your own IP address

You get unique IP addresses unlike shared hosting in which a single IP is shared by many websites.

Managed dedicated add-ons/upgrades

Simplex Infotech offers various upgrades/add-ons for your managed dedicated server.

Bandwidth and IP Addresses

Billing Panel

cheap shared hosting cheap shared hosting

Extra Bandwidth


256 MB extra RAM: $10/month 10 GB extra diskspace: $20/month
512 MB extra RAM: $15/month 20 GB extra diskspace: $30/month
1024 MB extra RAM: $21/month 30 GB extra diskspace: $40/month
Plesk VPS hosting WHMCS

Bandwidth Upgrades

IP Addresses

500 GB|100 mbps port: $75/month $8 /month
1000 GB|100 mbps port: $130/month
Dedicated managed servers
Additional IPs
extra 8 IPs: $16/month
extra 16 IPs: $22/month
extra 24 IPs: $24/month
extra 32 IPs: $40/month
extra 40 IPs: $48/month